Friend: Hey I am rebasing my commits and got stuck into a weird window and i was not able to come out of it?
Me: It is vi LMAO. Just press `:wq`
Friend: Wait I'm pressing the same but still nothing happened, it is displaying on my screen?

... After 200 messages...
Me: Just close the computer and I am going to Himalayas. Peace

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    You forgot escape. And press :wq means three keys at the same time...
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    @Codex404 Actually when doing rebasing we are not normally in insert mode and in normal mode, so don't think the escape will be needed. 😅
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    @yashLadha if one is stuck you cant assume they didnt press any keys...
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    @Codex404 You are taking it way to seriously. It is just a modified version of my encounter, just for fun.
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    @yashLadha well... Im pointing you on something you could do better in the future and not down voting because its a fucking repost. So yes Im taking it seriously otherwise I didnt give you advice and downvoted it, but since you are new here I didnt...
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    @amatrelan Surely 😂
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