TL;DR: A freehoster got a redesign!

I remember when I made "my own website" in wix and sitey. It sucked working with them for me. I hated having an ad for them fixed at the bottom of my screen. I hated WYSIWYG-editors and wanted to paste my own code, a pro feature.

Sometime later I found bplaced, a free german based (also English language) hoster. And I use it for all my "official" test project. My first ever published self-coded website is still on there.. When I want to show someone what I've been working on (locally) without putting it on my domain, I use their services. They always looked oldish like from 2000 but their redesign puts them at least in 2015 :D

Give 'em a shot if you want.
Sadly, I am not paid to say this. I just really like them.

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    If someone is curious, you can get a free subdomain there (like devrant.bplaced.net etc).

    Their business is based around "pro" users too. They are ADFREE! But they also shut down inactive domains (if you don't log in for 9 months or so)
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    Fuck bplaced. Literally the worst freehoster, they removed my account because "I was storing files there". Wow, CSS and HTML files. For a website.
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    000webhost ftw
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