!rant but recommendation:
"JavaScript: The Good Parts" Douglas Crockford.

I really like this book.
It's chewed away my misconceptions of JS. Especially coming from C++.

Small and precise.
JSON, JSLint and JSMin developer is the author.

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    Thanks :-)
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    Great book! I'd also recommend the series "You don't know JS" by Kyle Simpson. To me, even better than "The Good Parts".
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    @jordinebot ooOOoo, will do thanks!
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    Never meet the guy in person though.

    He's about the most self-absorbed overbearing cunt you can imagine.

    Worst part is, he's a genius, a great debater, and almost always right about everything... so you can't really punch him in the face for being such a pretentious dick, but every fiber in your being would love to.

    Great book though.
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    @bittersweet ah man... that's such a damn shame!
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    @bittersweet so meeting him is... bittersweet?

    I will have to check out that book though
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