Got my first job interview in 2 hours. Help a junior dev out.

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    You will crash the interview bro. Good luck.


    Tell me about yourself? When this question comes up start telling a summarized story how you got involved in programming. It works for me every time. Add in some words like passionate and self taught.
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    If you dont feel like it is the place for you(or you feel like you fail the interview) yell "allahu akbar!". That way when they dont take you it will be their fault for being racist, and not yours.
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    @hubiruchi Quality advice.
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    @error503 Thanks for that.
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    For me works being as sincere as possible about my strengths, shortcomings, experience or lack thereof and stuff I'm interested in.
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    @douaberigoale @hubiruchi @error503

    I was pretty sincere about everything, and since I've been there for a month nine months ago I had some insight on a few things they were doing and asked for progress etc.

    All in all it was really relaxed and down to earth, no "please write code x that does y right now in 2 minutes" or anything.

    Just a lot of talk where to put me in the company (as they are mostly back end devs), a few things about me, etc.

    I also showed them a project I was doing on the side that I did voluntarily, they seemed to appreciate that a lot since it was kinda full-stack-ish (SQL / C# Backend / C# Frontend).

    Conclusively: They are gonna talk with the dev teams and gather feedback, and I also have a trial day where I can tag along with someone and see the daily routine.

    It was a very positive interview, so if everything works out I would be more than happy with the entry level payout we settled on :)
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    Sound great!
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    @beggarboy That's sounds amazing! I'm really happy to hear that it went so well and hope you'll get the spot, if that's what you want after your one day trial :)
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    When I got my first programming interview I was scared as fuck, but everything went good for me. They won't ask anything crazy like neural networks or AI, you only need a reasonably good background in data structures, algorithms and OOP. Just be chill and believe in yourself, walk in as if you own the place.
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    You know more than you think you do right now, but you don’t know everything and they won’t expect you to. If it becomes a technical interview (or already is), just be honest about what you do and don’t know.
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    @hubiruchi Judging someone's ideology is not racism though. Ideology is in the mind of a person, embraced by their own free will, and it's the mind by which you should judge someone.
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