Late Steve Jobs :3

// I don't wanna copy and paste all the text from his biography book. So please assume I did that. :3

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    Steve Jobs a complete pushover. He never did anything for Apple and Apple itself is a big sham.
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    @HampusMa for me, good mentoring doesn't need to just teach you good things and show you the best stuff. I do learn various lessons from his biography.
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    @HampusMa Well, Steve did create Apple, maybe not by his own ideas but through his demands and vision of what he wanted.

    He was not necessarily a good boss, which was the reason he got fired the first time, but he created the focus needed to build the brand and products.

    And without him Apple most likely would not be where they are today.

    If that is good or bad is another question, but if you only count profit he most definitely was good for the company as such.

    But he was short tempered and was eccentric in many ways.
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    My mom bought me the book one Christmas. I've yet to open it.
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    @electrineer not everyone will enjoy that book :3

    especially the hard-core devs won't :3
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