So this is an update of this: https://devrant.com/rants/1466905/...

We both are busy butbi enjoy the fact that i dont need to be on call 247. So after telling her she and i have been alot more comfortable around eachother (and it is very weird for me, the friday i was by her and the family. Her mother looking at me while im trying ti slide my arm away and she trying to cuddle with me ect.) Turns out - her mother does like me, sooo im sitting with an issue.

I told her that i need to talk to her about eachother this coming Friday. I can take her to eat and have a picnic (the house is 500m from a private beach) and we can talk.

I have No idea what im going to talk about other than tell her how i feel and ask her how she feels and we have dated but im not sure if i should ask her out oficially. Btw im sensing ill be awkward when it comes to the last question knowing she probably expects me to start these conversations because she is shy..

Im so paranoid and i have 4 days but it feels like its not enough planning. I needed a 2week sprint to plan this kind of thing.

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    Chill out. It's going to be fine.
    Just be assertive though, if you don't know what to say/locked up: Give her a long hug and collect your thoughts.

    Most of all, she is human too. She's probably freaking out about it too.
    Importantly make her feel at ease.

    The rule of cool, fake it till you make it. (though not to much, don't want to be lying to her. But nothing wrong with acting a little more confident then you are)

    Don't start acting out of character she likes you already as you are.
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    @rootshell can’t second the don’t act out of character part enough! You either fall in love with somebody you can be weird with or you don’t fall in love.
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