Anyone know the reason why Google removed the Android SDK from the Android Studio Installer? It's making me work harder in setting it up :/

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    They did? sounds rather like some minimal installer, like some other IDEs do, but I'll 📌 for other comments
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    Did they? I just installed the latest Version of the Studio last Week and the SDK was there
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    @oxmox I didn't get an option to install it. I am installing an older version and I did have the option. The only other option that was available in the newest version (3.2.3) was the Virtual Android Emulation, which my computer doesn't support
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    @Bobj2008 for me...I was installing on ubuntu and after installation the SDK was under my Home dir
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    By default the android sdk falls into your ~ dir unless you specifically install it to another directory. Android studio is just built on-top of IntelliJ so it makes sense to actually separate those two
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