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Q: Is there a word that describes a fear/phobia of regular expressions?

A: Common Sense

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    It's so much fun once you understand Regex
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    @RegexFun I agree. They are fun, but the ones written by regex pros are specially fear inducing. I have seen 20 line regexes which summon Satan and burn churches. Have to be careful with those.
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    @ClySuva Thats the problem. When you can utilize RegEx properly you can make clever RegExes with it.
    But in my opinion the "clever" in that scentence has the same problem as in "clever code".
    "Clever code" is clever but in 99% of all cases not quite readable or clean.

    With regex, I especially hate the amount of escape sequences you can throw in it. That makes a simple regex fairly unreadable:
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