I've been tasked to do website debugging.
For Internet Explorer 11.
On a Mac.
I have to use a virtual machine to get Windows on a mac just so I can test on internet explorer.
This mac is not fast.
This virtual machine is even less fast.
The internet explorer on this virtual machine on this mac is the least fast.
Even worse, this website is a pile of garbage. It's slower than my grandma.
My grandma is dead.
You can't get any slower than that, so I thought.
But then I got introduced to the result of making a wordpress site with over 300 pieces of media and 20 plugins.
If you are one of the people that's smart enough to stay away from wordpress: I assure you that it fucks your site up beyond repair.
So anyway, how was your day?

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    Who in their right fucking mind would think testing like that is a good idea? Internet Explorer is already unbearably slow as is.

    Anyway, nice rant dude, best of luck debugging that pile of WordPress garbage.
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    maybe this might be a solution for running i.e on your mac, not tried it myself but i am going to have a look soon. its from 2015 so dont know if its all still relevant.
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    Ie isnt supported by microsoft anymore. Devs should put their foot down and say they wont either
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    I feel for you man. Maybe you can unplug kb and mouse and debug using speech-to-text. You know, to make it a bit of a challenge 😁 Exquisite rant btw.
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