Q for Linux dudes ... I have a 15.6" laptop with fullhd resolution ... Is there a way not to became blind?

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    from what? brightness, resolution, already have glasses/contacts?
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    I have a similar screen configuration. I keep my brightness at around 33% (1/3rd)
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    @zlice probably by the beauty of the penguin ;)
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    I guess you're talking about the resolution and the scalability of different ui elements and the apps.. right?
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    Well you could NOT stick a knife in your eyes? Could give a couple more suggestions 😊
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    I need help with scalability and resolution
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    that can be a pain

    there's obv font size for specific things

    "urxvt -fn "xft:Inconsolata-Regular:pixelsize=18"

    gtk (or qt) themes can make a huge diff



    (i try to not use qt, forget the files for that)

    it can be an app by app thing. firefox has settings for displaying shit, gedit has settings, yada yada

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    My secondary laptop has that configuration and it's pretty easy on the eyes so as far as I'm not you should be fine
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    Redshirt + that light repo. Most Google light i3-wm. Works on anything.
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