So I moved to a new company.
When entered there at first working day, found one candle on my table. I suppose that former employee left it for me.
Hmm, do you think the same thing as I do ?

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    Should I pray or something ? :D
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    @oudalally nope, also it's actually looks like a church candle..
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    @oudalally In my country Christianity is the main religion, so the candle means I should pray (to be saved from new boss) you didn't get a joke, nevermind :D
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    maybe he was...passing the torch =D
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    Maybe he set it there for you, as a "RIP", because of what kind of codebase is awaiting you.
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    A sign to fucking light this company up in flames
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    What if the previous employee died? Maybe it was a way to honor him/her?
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