Im not sure if this is a thing or not, but candle lit coding feels very nice

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    romantic coding session, me likey...

    as long as the candle flame doesn't reflect in the screen...
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    Looks super peaceful but I'd probably fall asleep instantly
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    Totally a thing. I collect candles. Where is your flat at? That’s a great view too
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    That's my office, lol, but it's in Miami FL @FrodoSwaggins
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    I sometimes enjoy scenic coding at the beach from the safety of my vehicle over a mobile hotspot
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    Might try this romantic coding session tonight 😏
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    I prefer being at home when it's dark. but it sure looks calming
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    I love doing this. For next level, get the woodwick candles. The subtle crackling. So good for coding.
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    Use those big scented candles from IKEA, it's even better when it also smells nice when you are coding :)
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    @bytecode this indeed was a big scented candle πŸ˜„
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    This is how I summon my evil side projects
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    1. Yes I like lighting candles as well

    2. Holy shit that window view I’m hella jealous
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