As a long time Ubuntu user, last month I upgraded from Xenial to Bionic to try the new Gnome based desktop.
At first I thought it was a good transition, everything was working fine, beautiful UI, nice animations, so I installed all my tools and started the real work... then the problems started. The memory usage was always very high and only getting higher, the animations were stuttering and laggy, and it was having an unrecoverable freeze at least twice a week. Searching the web I was seeing more and more people complaining about freezes, lags, bugs, memory leaks, password input field bugs... damn, how I missed Unity! That was it, Gnome Shell made me miss Unity more and more.
This week I installed Unity 7 and purged Gnome Shell from Bionic. Now I'm happy again!
It's so good to be free of the anxiety caused by the lack of stability of the system, so good to know that the system will not break or freeze if I'm doing a resource intensive task. Now he sh** is working fast and stable, and I'm here wondering why such a good DE could be dumped for something so buggy like Gnome.

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    Because Canonical's investors told Shuttleworth to dump it.

    I know that Unity8 was forked so eventually it will come out.
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