Fuck, got one of my Twitter bots permanently suspended. Twitter won't even tell me why.
It was called "gifb0t" and simply searched for "favourite gif" every hour and Retweeted 5 of the search results.
It turned up some killer gifs.
But it also sometimes (unintentionally) found porn gifs... Maybe someone complained?
Frustrating as I have other bots that are allowed to keep running.
Farewell and thanks, gifb0t!
And fuck you, Twitter.

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    Happened to me on an account where I manually tweeted captcha's I solved...

    I think for me it was a slight too late GDPR compliance declaration. Simply not logging into the web interface using the bots credentials some days after GDPR came into effect.
    I mean, who uses the web interface? Everyone wants and uses client software for that...
    I simply hadn't used their web interface for something other than the account creation. Everything else was in clients.
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    @paradonym I got the GDPR thing on my main account and kept putting off signing into all my bots to accept. When I finally did, they were all locked, but they all unlocked after verifying my email. Except poor gifb0t.
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