Client: "According to the Postgresql Version Support Policy, 9.3 will be expired by September 2018. That's only a few months away."

Me in thought: "Expired? Like a rotten egg? With an expiration date? OK, chill. His English isn't that good. Maybe he meant that support expires since its EOL."

Client: "We need to upgrade so that we can continue using the database."

Me in thought: "Yeah, he really meant "expired" in database too."

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    Do you do this for a living? No?
    Do I?

    Perhaps you should listen, then.
    I might know a few things you don't.
    Such as: databases don't expire.

    Ugh, I hate people.
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    @Root they dont? So I can still use them after they expire? Is it like milk where you can still drink it a week after expiring when you store it cool enough?
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    @Codex404 can't tell if serious or sarcastic...
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    @agentQ ..... Sarcastic ofcourse
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