*makes good games*
*gets fame and money*
*sells other peoples games*
*announcing future games*
*stops making games*
*sells virtual items for a ridiculous high price*
*get sued for gambling in their games*
*getting criticized for not making games*
*people hope*
*devs and writers for their popular games leave*
*people loose hope*
*valve experimenting with VR*
*not making games for over 10 years*
*still calling themselves a game developer*
*valve buys successful indie game developer*
*valve claims they're making games again*

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    Oh btw, they "bought" the Portal developers as well. Notice something?
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    @hugh-mungus ??? Frustration? Ive never had any frustration because of games. DevRant is more frustrating for me sometimes.

    Video games as you mention is such a wife term that the few games you mean are not even 1% of all games.
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    @hugh-mungus happens but that's rarely the case. Games should entertain ^^
    And they mostly do
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    Valve is probably the best game company, in my opinion.
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    @c3ypt1c was*

    @hugh-mungus uh there are very different games. That's like looking only at pop-music when judging about music
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    @RantSomeWhere I'd trade it for literally milions of other games on sale within the next two weeks.
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    @BambuSource it still is. They're currently still working on games and technology
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    @RantSomeWhere i agree though. I don't really like the skin situation.
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    @hugh-mungus I dont play multiplayer, I dont mind flying characters that much that im frustrated (Ubisoft). As long as I enjoy a game than I wont become frustrated. And yeah I did buy some games that were shitty but thats just me not researching enough, I think okay next time better and will continue.
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    @Codex404 I bought spooky cats
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    @RantSomeWhere troll is literally in his alias.
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    Dota 2, the lab, artifact, CS:GO, left for dead 1 and 2, alien swarm, portal 2, games published and developed by valve in the last decade.

    I wish valve worked on other games but they became one of the biggest distributors for games, I think if they didn't become that, we'd see more games, just like unreal created a game engine and making that their top priority, company priorities change.

    Also about games, I don't think all games rely on the addiction factor, for me that is just what I see for the majority mobile games or games in the realm of the pattern 3/flappy bird/angry bird genre. There are games like metal gear solid that have an amazing story and let you play as the main character, games like minecraft that let you create whatever world you want, games like sim city that let you build and take of a city.

    I can go on but I guess down the line this is just my opinion on games, I think they are pretty powerful.
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    @hugh-mungus lolwut
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    @hugh-mungus No, but I can be more Atlantic.
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    But Valve actually bought studios which made Counter Strike, Team Fortress, Portal, Left 4 Dead and if I’m not wrong also DOTA...
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    @athlon I don't know about most, just Portal.

    And Dota was kind of a developer going in two directions, splitting up. To League of Legends and Dota 2. Dota 2 then was made by Valve. I dunno if they bought the developers
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