Doesn't matter if you know a lot of programming languages. There is no greater satisfaction than when you write your first "hello world" in a new language.

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    Wrong, when your first project in new language goes to production and doesn’t shit its self 💪
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    I actually dislike the 'Hello, World! ' example. It is nothing special, you could have equally just used 'echo' in cmd.
    I much more love to see the things I can/cannot do and how to use the possibilities/drawbacks. A simple Project is the most rewarding to me.
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    1. Write hello world program in new language
    2. Add that language to your linked in
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    @gintko hhhhh that's it, and start getting recommendations from your connections to be an expert xD
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    @AlpineLinnix Too simple? Write a "hello world" for an ARM in Assembly then tell me "too simple". lol
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    @electric-ghost That is not the purpose of learn a new language. Languages are only ways to talk to the hardware, so don't need an specific language to get the last know digit of pi, only need good hardware and a good algorythm.
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    @AlpineLinnix Please share your knowledge with us! :)
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