Created a new account on twitter. No link with any previous account, neither email, nor mobile number, dob, name or anything. But my friend followed in just 4 mins after I created. Was it just a coincidence?

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    If you didn't run that in a container or something, they probably got you through the usual Facebook, Instagram, etc. Besides that, I guess it could also be because of your browser account (Google/Firefox), or even fingerprint.

    I'm far from being a pro in profiling, but there are many ways to know that a certain profile belongs to a certain person.
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    @Jilano i created from the same machine I use my old twitter account. But I opened the incognito window to create the new account
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    Does your friend use a bot?
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    @amitgupta While the incognito mode will clear cookies and history upon closure, it doesn't block any tracking.

    You could always try again from a different computer/network/browser and see if the same thing happens again. (If you really want an anonymous account free from your friends ;)
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    @Jilano that account is for a tool. So I any how wanted to share. I was just wondering how twitter is smarter than me.
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    @Stuxnet hehe no chance
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