Who said CSS/Sass is not worth commenting? I'm fed up with those devs not commenting a single thing in their code. CSS/Sass might seem simple but there's many cases where a single line of comments would save you 10mins, or more... FFS!

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    Im sorry, Im one of those devs that never comments their css.
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    @Consolelog I'm not asking for the moon, but sometimes it just makes sense. I just feel that some people think it's not worth commenting because it's css. That assumption is wrong in my opinion!
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    What if i name the classes in a way that makes the whole thing understandable 🤔
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    @atroxi yeah good point. Most of the time Im the only one working on the css, so for me its understandable. But it probably isn’t for someone else lol.
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    Why not commenting CSS? In production, you will use the minified version anyway so that even lots of comments will not matter.
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    Read it somewhere here:

    If you're not writing comments, you better not be writing code.
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