“Hey - just calling you to give you an update”

Great - sorry can you refresh my memory what was this for?

“So I was about to put you through for a client but they’re no longer accepting CVs so just to update you that’s not happening”

Sorry, what was the client again?

“Oh I can’t say, but they’re no longer accepting CVs”

“...Thanks, goodbye.”

*So you call me to tell me that you can’t give my details to a client that you can’t disclosure....get off my line 🤬😡🤬*

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    Block that number, no time to deal with amateurs
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    keeping you updated is important. otherwise you'll keep wondering what's the status, did she even consider recommending your CV to clients, etc.
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    @gsn16 I agree with your sentiment.

    However I don’t even know what this was for? It’s like saying, just calling you to let you know that party I was going to invite you to is not happening...I can’t tell you what party.
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