What is everyone's opinion on companies/organisations 'too big to fail'...?

I was just pondering on how 'just Google it' has become so 'natural' as a way of saying search the Internet. The more I think about it, the less I like it.

I know the chances of them failing/crumbling are neary zero (hence the name) but if an org, Ie Alphabet, made some shit decisions and bankrupted their company, what would happen then? Any ideas? I don't mean in terms of social fallout, economic etc.

I mean in terms of network infrastructure, them being such a central part of 'the web', all their Dns services, their backbone links, Google drive, Google fiber etc. What would happen to all user data? Just be destroyed?

I've never 'seen' a large tech company collapse, but just wander as to how that process would work for such a huge organisation, and the literal mountains of data they have which will need destroying or relocating.

Inb4 watch Mr robot hurrr

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    You meant Nokia or Kodak or Nortel or Motorola?
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    None of them in my eyes are as large of a conglomerate as Google/alphabet, nor are they as geared towards harvesting user data and keeping it... I could be wrong, but I shall so some *cough* internet based searching for more information
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    i think google/alphabet would be devastating. i'm not sure it's "too big to fail" status.

    the companies i'd say are too big to fail in tech would be the ones most ppl don't talk or even know about. not sure even microsoft ending would end the world. linux is an option, and unless there's some major security flaw someone finds i dont see linux going down.

    companies above ISPs (excluding maybe la bell -.- sry sbc. sry cingular. sry at&t) would fuk with the economy on an auto-level, all at once, fuk up. then again, you could just say...ok this is gov now, internet backbone belongs to the country.

    some of them are so ingrained into the system though that i don't see them failing. stock market isn't going to suddenly say "fuk off". lexisnexis seems pretty much the same way.

    anyway, back to google. they are huge, gov may step in and say you have X days to present everyone with an exit plan (provide data, replacements or alternatives to services, work with those replacements)
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    Hadn't considered the gov buying/'looking after' their facilities. That's a very... Thought provoking idea... Thanks!

    I just wondered really if there are even contingency plans for this kind of thing, I appreciate it is unlikely, but unlikely !=impossible so..
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    Highly interesting topic and question, I'll sub to the discussion 📌.
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    @dufferz hm prolly not. doubt GM, Ford and Chrysler had a backup plan back when they all fuked up. the housing fuk up put the US in a recession. it'd prolly be as bad as those if google or m$ bit it
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    Quite simple. Such scenario will never technically happen.

    CEO fucked up, new CEO will take over.
    Management fucked up, new management will take over.
    BOD fucked up, new BOD.
    The whole organization fucked up, new organization will take over.

    Much like any Country's government.
    No matter how shitty the government has become, it doesn't mean the country will be wiped out from the map. Unless it's not a country and a village. But we are talking about Google and Alphabets. So they technically will exist forever.
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