Apparently Chrome will no longer support installing add-ons outside of the official store by the end of this year. Not even in dev mode...

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    Sounds legit. To prevent any malicious non official apps. The thing here is the quality control on the store itself and whether it will be like the playstore, full of shit.
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    oh boy, hope that bullshit doesn't spill to all chromium-based browsers
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    You say this as if there will be no workaround.
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    So, you have to submit a sort of private addon when developing?
    Like commits to the chrome store?
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    That's actually bad...
    I'm using the chrome plugin Moonlight to stream necktie games from my bigger machine to my smaller one in the living room.
    And it's only running in developer mode through chrome.

    Well... It's open source. Maybe it can somehow be ported to a normal application...
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    Vendor lock-in?
    Yet another reason not to use Chrome.
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