When someone says he's going to learn a programming language and people start saying
'you should learn x instead of y'
Fuck those people.
fuck 'em

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    Add those people that say "use Linux" when you ask for help with a Windows problem to this list.

    Fuck em.
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    So much agree
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    Basically Stack Overflow
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    I don't think it's too bad to suggest languages when someone wants to learn a language, as long as you explain what it's good at and what it does less well, so they can learn the language best suited for them, their level, their ideas, their way of thinking (maths/physics, imperative, declarative, etc.), and their purpose...

    But then again, I think the most important thing is to learn the development mindset and things like an intuition for Boolean logic that are used all the time in programming, but apparently can be hard for humans to grok...
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    Please learn something else, instead of brainfuck or any isoteric language
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    @illusion466 that's rare but most of the time some people just yells at you to learn other language than the one you are planning to learn
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    @illusion466 @Flygger You can offer your advice but if they've done their own research and made their own decision, then just don't worry about it.

    No need to be that "LeArN tHiS lAnGuAgE iNsTeAd" asshole.
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    @Mitiko hey, learning esoteric languages can be very beneficial for you. They introduce you to new ideas. What's the point of learning something (for knowledge) that does similar things with a different syntax?
    Eg. A PHP programmer will benefit much more from learning Lisp/Haskell/Prolog than from learning Python/JavaScript.
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    @Stuxnet I think you would be better of using Linux if you have trouble with windows.
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    You want to learn X? Just do it. There is no need to tell everyone about it. Otherwise, be ready to hear opinions.
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    @gecko that's fair
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    @RememberMe Very true indeed! Brainfuck helped me understand assembly.
    But we're talking about first language here, so..
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    @Ubbe At least, with Linux problems, you don't hear "use another OS". You hear "use another distro".
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    @RememberMe It may not be the most benefical idea for your career but it can proof a strong decision when it comes to simple fun while coding.
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