*casually clicking through aws services*

*discoveres ses (email service)*

*tries it out as email driver in laravel project*

*discoveres you are in sandbox by default, means you can only send emails to yourself*

*reads documentation, says to get out of sandbox request a limit increase with default values*

// 200 per day, max 1 per second

*request what is mentioned*

*while waiting, find threads of people with the most well documented use case requests getting denied*

*pretty sure i will be denied to, thinking of starting to look elsewhere*

// next morning

*opens mail*

# your application is now out of sandbox and can now send 50k emails a day with a max of 14 per second.

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    Lucky you! Congrats 😁😁😂😂😂
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    Yes they're pretty lenient now. They'll take action however if they receive above a threshold spam reports or bounces. Keep it clean.
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    @gymmerDeveloper for reference, the thread i found where they were rejected while they had a very detailed use case, mine kinda was "i plan to use it for registration & password reset stuff" https://forums.aws.amazon.com/threa...
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    needless to say the image perfectly describes my reaction when got a ridiculously high limit when not even asking for it, while others need to beg on their knees to even get close to that amount
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    Make sure you build in some bounce handling too otherwise you will soon find yourself with bounce rates that get you blocked.
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    @mgilberties actually no idea how to implement that with ses, i have set responses to the email to get send to s3 or get boucned, but aside from that aws does not clearly list any reccomendations
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    @Quezler that is one way of doing it
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    SES is a great email service with a managed IP pool. I wish everyone are using it for their AWS environment, unless you are a spammer.
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    I'm a huge fan of mailgun. First 10k emails per month are free. Excellent API, and an excellent set of default analysis tools.
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    @Quezler yeah I got the same too. I was denied once because I mentioned non managed complaints. Didn't know what it was.
    But I replied that I do, DW. I read afterwards what it meant.

    Well my emails are just account emails for now anyways 😉
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    so.... i guess it's time to stock up your fake viagra pills from your darknet supplier of choice and make some money. 😄
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    @bahua yes, I’m also a big fan of Mailgun.
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