How do you measure the mass of a spacecraft in space?

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    You could measure the gravitation. It hast towards earth and based on the know mass of earth and the distance you can then calculate the mass of the craft

    I think
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    @leon3103 I guess the real question is how you measure mass without the assistance of gravity. Probably there is somebody smart already got the answer... LoL
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    I think you need the density and the size.
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    When the craft is standing still in space and there is no other object in space u have to measure the gravity of the craft. There is no mass that hast no gravity
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    @LastDigitOfPi density and size is very complicated with a spacecraft :D
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    @leon3103 there is no object without gravity. Everything except maybe light and stuff has its own gravity.

    Why shouldn't an object that is not "pulled" by gravity have no mass?
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    @fuck2code that's what I meant
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