I'm looking forward to upgrade my gaming configuration but shit me I'm lost in all those references.

I'd like the best motherboard with the best i7 8th gen with the best 32GB rams, by best I mean the components that will give me the best performance, I've already got a 1080ti and my current motherboard is an Asus z170 pro gaming (if that helps with the dimensions or anything else).

If someone can point me to some references/names/websites I'd be happy.

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    Xeon is highly expensive but is it good for gaming ?
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    No, as far as I've understand support for the 8th gen starts with reference 3xx
    z3xx etc
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    You can check-out pc part picker.
    I would recommend to check out Hardware Unboxed on YouTube.
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    Will check pcpartpicker, what about the i9's ? Are these good ?
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    @AlpineLinnix well my plan is to be up to date for a while, going overkilling might be a good idea haha
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    Limited edition 5Ghz i7 8086 anniversary processor?
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    Well after all I might go with the i9, since I have to change the motherboard anyway might aswell go for the best
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    @deodexed Threadripper seems like a better deal with more PCiE lanes, More cores and price.
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    Do what i did.
    i7 8700k OC'd to 5 Ghz
    ASUS ROG Strix z370-i
    And my old 980 Geforce, works like a Charme
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