Tried mining ethereum today. Just wanted to check that out, for the heck of it. Fired off a p3.16xlarge instance on AWS, 4 x Tesla V100 running at $12 an hour! It was an absolute beast. Anyway, kept it running for 9 hours and earned about $5 before shutting it down. Cost me $108 to earn that $5. Had a lot of credits expiring in a couple of days, so I wanted to burn them off anyway.

So crypto mining, not easy money.

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    Cool story!
    The only place where crypto mining is profitable is iceland with its volcanos and cool temperature.
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    There's this new crypto currency that uses your hard drive space instead of GPU!
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    Is the $5 you got in ethereum currency or just US$5? 😮
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    @cursee I earned US $5, not 5 ETH if that's what you're asking. That would've been nice actually. xD
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    @iSwimInTheC burstcoin. I built myself a miner out of an old Mac mini that I installed Debian onto and 22TB worth of external HDD... It worked and it was even sort of profitable.
    Pretty nice idea, but the community is small and they have lots of trouble. You know what you can expect regarding the price.
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    @pyrant oh my gosh 😱
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    Weird. I've been mining ethereum at a profit here in the UK on my own rig (1 290, 1 480, 1 580, 1 Vega 56) for multiple years.

    In fact, since I started mining in 2012 (BTC/LTC/FTC mining at the time) I don't think I have ever made a loss.
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    I also bought some Ethereum. I believe in this coin.
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