Tired of stereotypes. It seems that if someone uses a Mac, is posh; if someone uses Windows is a silly cunt, and if someone uses Linux ... well, it seems that's the way to go, right? Well, no.

Suddenly the world is filled with script kids who come and indirectly recriminate you that you have no idea of computer science because you use Ubuntu instead of Arch. That has happened to me with a recently graduated kid.

Really? Do you really consider yourself a good developer only because you have Arch installed and you hate Windows and Apple?
Let people use the system and development software that they prefer most (or that one that their company forces them to use).

This kids have to be more humble and focus on creating better code, help their colleagues and know how to deal with clients.

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    I was doomed from the beginning, Windows user, Linux servers... so that’s got to count for something?
    and PHP as preferable language.
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    At this kind of people you can only say close your mouth and show me the code. If they are able this is the only difference and not the SO they use.
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    Hear, hear. (Or is it "here, here"? Probably not.) I develop on Windows but I like to play games and I want everything to sync between my three computers. Everything works pretty seamlessly (most of the time), and I don't have to deal with Linux.
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    I don't get why your operating system choice should tell anything about your code. It may tell something about your personality or such a thing. But my IDE is just the same on windows as on linux or mac. My PowerShell btw also does nearly the same on every os... the only thing confusing me are people preferring cmd. But this is kind of opinion based... ;)
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    Would love to meet one of those script kids to put them at their place.

    I use all 3 popular OS, for different purpose, and I'm certainly going to laugh hard at anyone trying to fit me in either one stereotype.

    Also, I'm one of those guys able to read a Makefile, and modify it as needed to run on all 3 aformentioned OS. Pretty sure script kids shit their pants at the idea of modifying the Makefile.
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    I've installed arch
    I've built an extension for gnome in Ubuntu

    I can tell you, the second one is 50x more difficult than the first.
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    Stereotypes exist for a reason, that doesn't mean its a rule, there are a lot of exceptions.

    For example:

    Brazil stereotype is football and samba.
    I fucking hate these two but more than 50% of the population likes it.
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    All Linux users are cheapskates who can't afford a proper OS, says me as I quietly uninstall Ubuntu from my windows machine and take a selfie in front of my Mac.
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    But apple is only for posh twats who need a symbol to raise their self esteem because they do not have a firm understanding of themselves. The same as people who buy audis because "its an audi" and "luxury".

    As for windows vs Linux well. Linux is better for development, Windows only advantage is game support.
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    Everyone should just use what they find more productive and best suited for their needs.

    That said, windows is for n00bs ( /s ) and Mac for rich n00bs ( !/s ).
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    Some of us (former linux laptop users) just got too old for this shit, and use Macs because typing "brew -v install xyz" is too damn easy.

    I still remember the first time I saw a guy running Emacs in a Terminal window on a Mac at Starbucks. I was in awe. This was in the Jaguar days (10.2).
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    @teilo i use windows because i find much easier, faster and reliable click instead of type
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