Casual chat with a girl in Facebook.
Me : Hey, What are u doing these days?
She : I'm completed a IT course.
Me : hmm... Interesting, What are the languages you have learnt at the IT course.
She : I learned English
Me : (Close the Chat,
Blocked her,
Shuts down the PC)

(Yes, Yes, This is a true story.)

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    I feel you man.
    I also don't understand how ppl finish an IT course and don't know italian at all...
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    You closed the chat, blocked her, and shut down the computer because of her answer? Dang.
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    Perhaps it was an IT course in networking? Or in a field that doesn't pertain to programming?
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    Not all IT courses are about programming, you know. There are other occupations in IT that are not related to codes
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