Opinion | According to you, how impressive is it for a high schooler to submit a "general purpose scripting language that supports Object Orientation, closures, higher-order funcs." as a project for college admission given that the applicant implemented it from scratch and you know that hard work!!! ?

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    You implemented a programing language in scratch?
    Thats amazing
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    @oudalally Hmm.. that's new. Anyway, I'll not be applying to UK colleges.
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    @hubiruchi Yes, I did. :)
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    @oudalally I wrote it in Java.
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    @mirimmad I feel like either you missed my joke, or you are a crazy person.
    But thats pretty cool either ;-)
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    @hubiruchi I literally stopped for a minute before writing reply to you. I was thinking whether you meant "in scratch (the toy thing)" or "from scratch". I went for the latter.

    I got it now. lol.
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    So is using a stack and/or register based VM, or are you actually compiling straight to x86 or something?
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    @hexc its an interpreted language. It employs a tree walking interpreter.
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    @oudalally The policy in @mirimmad 's high school is, Open Source, Modern Minimal Designs, are bad, and using ASP to generate a simple website (could be static) is great, and should be the way it is done
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