Stupid me.
We were on a time crunch for giving a demo. A friend wrote a piece of code and he said it was working exactly the way it should be and that we can directly transfer to my machine and run it. He ran the piece (on his machine to show me) and it worked.
I take the source from him transfer it on my machine (because mine was going to be used for the demo).
Demo begins, everything goes smoothly ...all up until the point of the last module demo. Alas, the transfered module didn't work. Tried debugging during the demo as everyone was cooperative and patient. Turns out I hadn't done an initial setup required for that module. Embarrassed! 😓
Should have tested before the demo. 😞
FML. But from that moment forward i make sure to test every code I get from others as well as the one I write.

For anyone planning to ask me, I don't remember what the piece of code even did. It was a small time side project with a company. Not revealing the company's name.

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    @akashvartak I know how that feels bro, something similar happened with me in the past! And that was due to missing schema 😂 we realised it during demo, there was error 500 on the screen, then to cover it up we asked our client if he has poor internet connection?, He said yess, he was facing some issues with his ISP. Then we gave him demo on local setup. That day his ISP saved our arses! 😅

    Moral of the story: Run everything twice before showing it to your client.
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