So Im planning to build a pc, which i will mainly use it for dev and gaming in free time, my main components will be:
GPU: GTX 1080 msi or gigabyte?
SSD: 860 EVO
RAM: 16GB 3200MHZ
MOTHERBOARD: should i go with msi or gigabyte whixh one is better?
PSU: 650W or 700W deepcooler?

Also for the cpu cooler do i get water colling or a standard cpu fan?

P.S: i plan to overclock the cpu and gpu at some point.
Also whats your opinion on the rgb lightning gpu and motherboard, and is there point in getting a mobo with sli support (is it work buying second gpu at some point or better upgrade the existing)

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    usually development = linux = No RGB drivers

    SLI is power inefficient for gaming

    after market air cooling is enough i'm happy with my Noctua D15
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    I couldnt help but notice you live in macedonia and im trying really hard not to make a "you spend your country's yearly budget" joke here

    Also dont buy gigabyte things
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    @sharktits lol i laughed so hard on this and you have a point!
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    SLI is never worth it for practical reasons.
    It's so poorly supported everywhere that it will cause you more headaches than it will give more performance.
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