When your boss is coming behind you and you were chatting on messenger :

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    Since when do employers in the software engineering industry even care?
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    What kind of shitty company cares about you slacking of once in a while? It makes you more productive...
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    No problem, I’m my boss :p
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    All about that CTRL + Start + Left to swap to another desktop. :-3
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    why did you switched W with Z and A with Q?
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    Nope, i talk to my boss, while typing my message 😁
    Best boss ever 👌
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    @webdev it's an AZERTY keyboard I think
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    You just wanted to show off your lit keyboard... Didn't you?
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    Win+D on Windows for switching to desktop (if you have trouble finding something that has to do with work while Alt+Tabbing)
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    @webdev frenches use azerty keyboard instead of qwerty, I don't know why... Maybe cuz' we are weird :D
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    @RedzTwist I think it's because this layout is more appropriate considering the letters we use the most
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    @AdrienNini no I don't think so, but take a look at the bepo keyboard, an optimised keyboard for french language ;)
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