Last week I had to make a presentation with two others before finishing school, to test our "competence while working with other people".

My old MS Office license expired, so I thought I could make a presentation with HTML.

Me and the two others met so we could discuss what each of us did for the presentation so far.
"Dude why are you opening your browser and not PowerPoint"
"You'll see"

I showed them the presentation and then the file behind it so we could edit the content.
"Dude wtf is this"

They ended up just sitting at their phones and I did all the work, one week later we had to present "our" work to the teachers.
"So, who worked exactly on what?" the teachers asked, and while the two others were struggling to tell them what they did, I gave the teachers a small glimpse at the file.

I ended getting the best grade and saving my graduation, while one of the others has to go to school again. :D

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    Latex, Markdown, Html. In the end you can (if you need to) hand out a PDF file (read only!) to the teacher who should not care at all about the input format.
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    Competence while working with other people you say? Why did you pass, again?
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    @psukys No idea, I guess it was because I did most of the work for them
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