Last week:

Client: Hey sometimes when I sent about 20 messages to your app they need a long time to arrive. Why is your app so slow?

Me: We are using Google Cloud Messaging to deliver messages. There is no guarantee when messages arrive.

Client: So such a big company is the fault? And not you? Pls make it faster. Make it always act the same.

Working as a programmer is pain in the ass because the people with the money don't know a shit about anything.

I changed just a fucking useless string.. I deployed the "new version" and I told him I boosted everything.

Today he spoked with my buddy about another thing and he told him by the way the app is now much faster.

..placebo update

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    I love getting these pro-tips on how to deal with stupid people :P
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    Ha ha
    This reminds me of one of my stake holder 5 years back when I started my career when I was working in a desktop application project where she blames that my application is very slow in loading web pages and I was schocked that how come only one is facing issue not others and finally found out that her internet connection was very bad and just advised her to change the internet provider then after that all was set.
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