In cour company we need an online dashboard that monitors logfiles from various interface processes.

My collage and me, the newest company members (for almost 2 years) get the task to build this and get it presented as some intern project where we can try out some more recent technologies/frameworks.
Now in the first meeting our senior team leader told us we shoeldn't use the noew hot buzzword js frameworks.
Reason? They are not proven and wil probably lose popularity next year and we don't want to migrate everything every half year. Plus he had negeative experiences with Angular in some project he had to work on, probably just because his limited JS skils.
So he wants us to use jQuery to build a modern web application.

I get it you don't want to migrate to TheNewHotThing(tm) every year. Guess what? You fucking don't have to. If I build sonting in Vue.js now, it won't stop working when a new framework comes along.
Look at our own fucking ASP.NET Web Forms prooject, that stil works. Just don't deny the usability of modern frameworks.

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    To be fair, if he had experienced Angular, I can understand him. This is a framework which requires you to learn a lot (a new language, new dependency injection patterns, how to integrate pure js libraries into typescript, typescript version of rxjs), and in anything but simple projects, you must understand how it works internally for performance reasons. It will lose popularity in a year or so. The problem is not that you will not be able to build your project, but you will have trouble finding developers willing to maintain this legacy. How many developers can maintain GWT nowadays?
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    @matste what's even is GWT?
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    Lol he’s an idiot. Writing it in jquery will definitely avoid the need to migrate it later...
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    I would just use plain JavaScript and a php backend. Nice and simple.
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    @ewpratten I woudn't mind using Laravel or so as backend, problem is we're a C# company. Plain JavaScript is ok depending on how big the project would get, but I feel like I am the only one in te company who knows JavaScript. The rest think the now JavaScript and are convinced it's a bad language.
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