Maybe you already know it and I’m just retarded.. but if not, try out kodi + Exodus add-on๐Ÿ‘Œ

Most comfortable streaming I’ve ever experienced.

(Here in my country streaming is completely legal so no hate please:))

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    Wait there are countries where streming is illegal?!

    I use OBS, it works fine.
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    Well, AFAIK In most countries it’s “not illegal” but also not fully legal. You they can fuck you if they want..

    What pretty much all countries have in common is that the upload is illegal but for that reason they also try to get the consumers..
    E.g. search engines like Kinox.to, burning-series.to are fighting with the law all the time for that reason.
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    @fuck2code yeah sorry, should have been more precise:)
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    Streaming is illegal where I'm at, but I did know about this. But let's try to keep devRant more programming or work based, alright?
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