Hello fellow ranters.
I'm looking for some inspiration in the kitchen.

Lately I've been on somewhat of a health binge. So I'm looking for some ways to make my dry and uninteresting food more interesting. Like a sauce or something.

I usually like hummus a lot. But it's getting old. Does anyone have any fun I can take inspiration from?

I'm not looking for recepies, just inspiration.

Don't know if I need to say this but obviously I'm not looking for unhealthy stuff. So nothing too fat.

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    You might find something in my Instagram is you wish, between useless selfies there’s my cooking skills exposed
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    @2lazy2debug He said without linking it 😄
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    What kind of food are we talking about, here? Rice and beans?

    I'll put soy, tomato, or chili sauce in just about anything. What kind of cuisine are you used to?
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    @spongessuck You are spot on. It's mostly beans and some rice to add the remaining calories I need.

    I do meal prepping, but this is mostly to hit my baseline. Some extra calories are fine. As long as they are decent calories.

    Idk about tomato sauce with rice though. Is it any good?
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    @BigBoo lazy to debug his comments too
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    @BigBoo I didn’t get you! He who? You wrote this no?
    And I read 3 times the rant without finding “no linking” :/

    Anyway, my suggests:
    - pumpkin soup
    - strawberry or raspberry sauce for risotto
    - a sauce done with zucchini, olive oil, basil and whatever you feel to add (I add a little of salt, pepper and cumin )
    And I’m out of ideas and my gf is staring at me so I’m out!
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    If you want to learn sauce skills either start with css or pasta 😊
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    @2lazy2debug I meant, how do I find your Instagram if you don't link it anywhere?

    But thanks for the tips!
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    @Alice and cocomilk is cheap 😋
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    Sure, you can add some diced tomatoes and Mexican or creole seasonings and it'd be a little more interesting.

    One thing I crave in dishes like that is something meaty. I don't know if you're going for vegetarian but you could try adding cheese or tofu for some texture.
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    @BigBoo you’ll find me under cabrasm, I just didn’t want to share links without you wanting it :)
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    @Alice Thanks! I've actually never made curry pastes on my own. But I think this is a great idea.

    Most of my food is very cheap as well, even though I have money. But there's a lot of things I avoid on other principles, which tend to hold down the costs anyways.
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    @spongessuck I will check this out.

    I do like tofu though. But it's also somewhat boring if you don't do anything with it. I mean, I could eat it as is. Same with beans though. I prefer beans over tofu for that though.
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    @2lazy2debug Thanks! I found you!
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    @Alice teach me senpai!
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