“ThAnK YeW 4 KallIng MicraroSoFt TekNicAll SuppUrt, mY nAmE iS JaKe. YoUR KomputeR HaS VirUs ThaT NeEds ReMoVal.”

Go float yourself you sack of shit, your mother should have swallowed.

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    Throw him into a shredder
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    If they ever call me, that's what I'll say.
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    They always ask for me and I say a person with a rhyming name everytime.
    Scam Caller: Hello is this Chachi Klaus?
    Me: No, let me get him.
    Scam Caller: Hello, sir is this Chachi Klaus?
    Me: Oooh no. Sorry this is Rachi Maws. One sec.
    Scammer: Chachi Klaus?
    Me: Shit. Sorry. This is Hitachi Paws. One sec.

    Until I hear the sound of someone killing themself on the other end.
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    Why aren't there any scammers in India?
    @Floydian @TitanLannister @ceee @tenkas did you ever get a scam call like this?
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    @gitlog i am too cautious about picking up calls from unknown numbers 😅 and usually disconnect within first 10 sec,if I find an iota of fishiness or creepiness and if I get the call again I block 🙂
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    @Floydian IDR exactly ,maybe it just feels like 10 sec ... because I absolutely hate it. Often I disconnect instantly.
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    Just checked my mail and found this .
    Totally looks like a scam. 😅
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