I just spend 3 days figuring out how to boot Arch Linux from USB on a Mac.

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    Why didn't it want to boot? The best way to create any boot USB is to dd the ISO directly to the stick.
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    @sheeponmeth I wanted to boot complete Arch Linux off the USB, not just the installer
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    @meain Ah, yeah, that is definitely a bit trickier. You must have had to make an ESP and install the U/EFI bootloader there, eh? Apple UFI is odd because it adheres to parts of the EFI 1.0 standard and parts of the UEFI standard (really just EFI 2.0), so it can be difficult to work with at times.
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    yeah now im fixing my pc because im such a genius and resize / partition and then it crashed and yayyy not working pc so need to reinstall entire arch linux
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    @Haxk20 How sweet
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