How do I balance my social life with dev life? Well, I try to meet with my friends at least 2 times a week, on fridays I'm taking dancing lessons, after that me and people from lessons go out for a bear and maybe to a club. There is also a girl there who I would like to meet more, but she is older and I'm shy as fuck. The rest of my time is mostly dev

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    It's not bear it's beer. My suggestion would be to make a timetable. I made a timetable when I was 18 years of age, working, coding at home and meeting friends. It worked for me.
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    @error503 it was a typo lol. I can't really complain about my social life now. I'm happy with the way it is, and this way I have more than enough time for my own projects and startup ideas. Although my favourite day of the week is surprisingly friday, mostly because of dancing lessons
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    What type of dancing?

    My wife and I did swing/lindy when we were engaged and did that for our first dance, so much fun.
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    @Hedgepig mostly latino. Salsa, rumba, samba, etc. We did some standard, but didn't enjoy it too much. Great to know that there are other dancing devs out there 😃
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    Ah sounds like fun, yep, also relatively extroverted which is a rare breed in the dev world
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