Our current agency website has 5 pages and a shitty design available in French and English, so I want to remake it completely, my question is: Does making it a 1 page website could result us to lose clients?

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    Im not sure 100% sure, but i know for one pagers you need to get ontop of the seo alot more with the permalinks and html5 history api etc.
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    Can it make you use clients?

    I don't think so. One page. Sounds awesome.

    I mean you can add subpages but don't make multiple main pages imo.

    Clients aren't looking for the agency with a certain website but they're looking for your agency. So make it a brief but awesome glance of what your agency is :D
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    @BambuSource Thanks for your answer, absolutely the answer I was searching for.

    And yes it's true the client doesn't check about the content but more about the talent and realisations.

    And some for the price, but I'm not that kind of Agency. Haha.
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    @InterferenceObj Good point, SEO is a big factor for a website.
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    @Consolelog It's a Web Agency, actually we are more a "Web Enterprise" than a Web Agency, we make web apps so. That's why I'm asking the question ;)
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    Thank you all, I'm currently creating a design on Figma (This beautiful tool :P)!

    Then I will do the HTML, CSS (&LESS) & Javascript. And yea a responsive design (So looong to code lol).

    I will see you all in 4 months (I'm kidding).
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