The honest website ever... 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

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    cool, but its probably only a client side block, so no problem
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    Which website?
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    99% of registrations drop of we implemented this
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    What if you have already read it?
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    website? that looks like a program
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    not open source
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    I would totally lose it if some app made me wait 20 mins
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    100% bounce rate
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    That sounds like me! faking hell!! All my comments are nasty AF!
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    Didn't know websites required install buttons
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    @ElectricCoffee maybe is a CMS?
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    Sounds cool but will practically annoy all your new users and they'll just never come back. Argh. It's better to just give them highlights of your terms and conditions like 5 sentences in very simple language with an option to view the entire terms and then ask them to agree.
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    Should totally implement this to few of my own projects.
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    I would still just leave & make me a coffee. No way I'm reading that.
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    you expect an user to register to your website and read 1208 lines of terms and conditions?!?

    I agree it's a bad habit to just accept everything without reading but if you want the client to actually read it display a short version of what's accepting with a link to the full version so everyone wins!

    Even if the user is forced to read it i bet most users will leave the window open and take a break without reading a single word!
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    @plokko and then there will be a stand-by
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