Boss: Have you finished that feature?
Me: Almost there, i'm refactoring some classes...
Boss: What? Refactor? But thisnis a new feature, it does not need refactor! We don't have time for this!
Me: 😵🔫

This is what happen when you care about code quality.

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    Should have made up a different status like "no, not done yet. Almost though"
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    I respect you for caring about code quality.
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    refactor is a 4 letter word to managers. NEVER use it in front of them.
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    @kalpitjain I do, having a maintainable code base is important.
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    I love refactoring code, but from a manager's perspective it doesn't bring any value. Because you are spending time on something that's working and that refactoring is more likely to introduce bugs than if you did not refactor it.
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