Getting ready for my new React project.

Vim: Check ☑
TernJS: Check ☑
Webpack: Check ☑
Gulp: Check ☑
Nodemon: Check ☑

Now I begin 😆

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    You need a web browser too lol
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    or not.. if you're doing Electron or hybrid stuff.
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    A code editor and RiotJS. Save yourself from the React bloat mate!
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    @azzuwan I've done couple of projects in React. Never felt it was bloated.

    Just had a look at riotjs. While it looks nice I might stick with React just because it will be developed more in future, considering it is made my Facebook itself :)
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    @debug No hybrid m8 ;)
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    @tahnik they said the same thing about angular and Google. React is okay but if something simpler solve the same problem, simpler always win for me. it seems to me you are choosing facebook for facebook sake, not for technical reasons. It makes you do twice the stuff you need to. React is going to end up like angular, regardless it's facebook or not. If any frameworks is going to go out of trends anyway, why choose a time waster?
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    @azzuwan I am not choosing react for facebook's sake. If a framework is build by Google or Facebook they obviously have better future compared to other frameworks.

    Anyway I respect your choice and happy to know that you're enjoying that :)
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    yea! just check your node_modules folder
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