So the story is true and this is what we have to deal with now..

My friend and I started to build a Web Application for a Roleplay Community. The project was for a client mainly and they don't mind if we try to sell this project to the public. All goes well except the shitty design, which is the one our client asked for. So after 6 months of work we planned to switch our backend to Nodejs, the switch look quite easy in our brains [PHP => NODEJS] because we already use Nodejs for instant functions without reloading the page.

So during the planning we earn a client which is one of the member of the clan, but he pay for another clan which is 6x bigger then the one we're in. So we continue to develop and think about the switch. We learn a news about a new competitor, this one sucks, we tried their App and it's not worth the money they ask. A few days after another competitor enter the market, this one is a big challenge for us. "Sit down tight, yea you reading this"..

The competitor use BUBBLE to create their shit, they earned 10 clients in one week and just punch us with "THE ROCK" hand, they release a lot of feature each week, they're 6 devs on that (if we can call them devs), we're 2 programmers (True Programmers). What we do in 1 week they do it in 5 hours with Bubble, the switching to Nodejs was a badluck, you couldn't add feature because of this switch during 2 weeks, this made us later and second in the race. My friend (at the same time my employee and back-end programmer) move into another appartment which obligate him to work full-time. At this time I'm f****, I'm only a Front-End Programmer vs 6 Wannabe Devs with a mother**** tool of *** (#Bubble).

This is where I am, in this beautiful opportunity to win this market but with this bad luck occuring = the opportunity is low, but our advantage is we don't have made our project public yet so they're the only good option for the communities to get that kind of web app, the others are not included and only a copy of this (Their Product) or just a big junk made with Wix.

At this time I'm working hard to make this opportunity happen, I have my math which I have to finish to have my High School diploma to do, a part-time job to get if I want to stay with an internet connection and finally I have to find a way to still be able to make my dream come true (Working on my Business at full time & Make money from it) and continue to be a Front-End Programmer/CEO of an enterprise.

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    I have to add the fact that I do my school at home via internet and I've 18 years and live in Canada so I'm an adult.
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    Man point and click software fkin up real devs? That's just plain sad. I never thought this sort of shit would affect small teams. Well i hope you guys sort this mess out soon and gut those bastards. Hope to see updates on this shitstorm ur stuck in
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    @yatanvesh I will keep you informed if you want when we will launch this publicly.

    I have thinking about making it more stable and beautiful without useless features and the choice to buy those you need at low price but I will offer it at a mid-range price, they offer a plan of 34.99$ per month for the same shit then their one for 9.99$ per month you can just have unlimited of somethings. What I can do is one price mid-range unlimited that's it, like one entrepreneur said: you need to determine the price who value your product and don't be cheap. :D
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    They even pride themselves to be "visual" programmer" hahaha good joke
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