Wondering what does a developer do when he retires.

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    I'd imagine that a retired developer is still a developer.
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    we become legacy code?
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    Retire? What's that? Gordon bloody Brown wrecked my pension and my country. I'll be working until I drop. 😕
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    @Wildgoose Let me guess, Romania...
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    @iSeePixels Nope. England. Gordon was the one-eyed Scottish twat who as Chancellor of the Exchequer (Finance Minister) made tax changes that wrecked the funding of UK pensions, who was the main driver behind lopsided Devolution to privilege his native Scotland and make the English second-class citizens in their own country, and then became a disastrous Prime Minister.

    Something of a hate figure!
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    Have thought about this and I think when I retire from development, I would teach about computers and programming to kids or open a cafe or may be both.
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    @noisyass2 or we develop legacy code ^^
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    @spcsser nah, we already do that when we're employed 😂
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    We don't retire, we simply reach retirement age and keep on ticking.
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