Me done fixing a bug.
Me commit the fix.
Me resolve issue in JIRA.
Few minutes later, Me receive a notification. QA reopened issue: "Bug is still there".
Me go have look to Jenkins.
Pissed off, Me respond to QA: "Can you just wait for Maven to finish building the goddamn thing before testing it please?"

Every. Fucking. Time

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    Or don't resolve bug in JIRA until the build is done. How are they supposed to know when you mark it ready for testing and it's not really ready for testing?
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    Very much not resolved until passes CI
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    dev ops 101
    after build process is completed, issue should AUTOMATICALLY go to next state (test)!
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    Okaaaay, I think I need to precise my point here.
    I know that an issue is not ready for testing until the build is completed. In fact, 99% of the time, I DO wait until the build is completed to mark an issue as resolved. But sometimes, often during a bug fixing rush, I resolve an issue and tell myself "By the time they reach this issue, the build will be completed." The this ng is, one of my coworkers, who does QA, has a unique talent to go pick THAT issue first. That's what my rant was about.
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    @tinybyte I wish! We're supposedly DevOps, but we are not quite there yet! 😉
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    @ModernAngel if deadlines justify bad commit practices, that becomes a slippery slope for a lot of bad things later.

    You should consider @datawraith 's reasoning
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    Wait you mean you have people with so little things to do they can take a ticket minutes after it's assigned to them?

    Wow. Where I work it will only be looked at the same day if someone specifically asks (and then we coordinate to wait for the build). And we talk about those things during standups, at which point we can tell them the few times the build is broken.
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    @Fradow When I was QA, that was me. I could be working on one thing, and then get the email notification from JIRA that a bug was fixed, so I deployed the code and tested right then. Need to get that release out, ya know? I hate having open issues in JIRA.
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