Dear recruiters,

I have no problem if you write me an e-mail or a private message on linkedin.
But don't assume I will accept your contact requests. That will be a bit suspicious considering my company's management is also on linkedin, don't you think?

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    Do adding contact on LinkedIn actually raises flags?
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    With my boss it does. He once asked me about a recruiter I added because he went to university with me.
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    Weird. I add (some) recruiters because they do networking events and networking is important.
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    It's even more suspicious if the recruiters are from a city about 300km away, where my boyfriend lives ;)

    (And no, i have no idea why they always contact me, living and working so far away)
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    Or when they contact you and don't tell you the salary until you ask.
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    My company never minds if I do stuff on LinkedIn. It's a company's job to keep you interested in different projects. If you get a better opportunity you're going to leave and that's how things work
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    @tahnik this is awesome. I second this. We work for money, not smiles
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    It all depends on whether the job is important to you vs you are important for your current employer.
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    @Letmecode one of many things why I quit today ๐Ÿ™ˆ
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