You know what they say...
When life gives you APIs, make clients.

So I found this API that powers the Twitch overlay extension for the Overwatch League and thought it'd cool to see a mobile version of it.

Done in Flutter: OWL Live Stats (https://drive.google.com/open/...)

Give it a try if you want. Right now it's pointing to a dummy API I created based on the one I found because there are no matches at the moment.
The goal was to get it done before playoffs start (July 11) so hopefully I'll get some feedback from you in case I want to publish the thing.

Appreciate your time :)

Disclaimer: I didn't bother investigating how legal and/or useful making/publishing this app is.

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    Looks awesome! Maybe increase the border width of the numbers at the games section to make them look clearer.
    More importantly, I think the legality thing is worth checking. A lot of people might want to use this app.
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    @PaperBag thanks for your comments. I don't have any idea of how to handle the legal part. I even though of going directly to Blizzard but that sounds a little suicidal 😐
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